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Vertex Precision Pneumatic Angle Fixed Power Vice VMC-P

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  1. Compact design and has great clamping capacity & rigid
  2. Jaws made of alloy steel properly hardened
  3. It has strength and powerful clamping force, its suitable for iron and steel work-piece on heavy cutting process.
  4. It is made up of high quality material, reliable and gives superior performance.

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Brand Vertex
  • The greatest safety distance of clamping: The switch speed is only 1.5 seconds, and the safety distance of clamping can be up to 8mm
  • We design the hand wheel safety line in addition for anyone to distinguish the clamping safety distance of tools from exceeding the limit easily by eyes
  • The material of the vise itself adopts the one-step design of high ductility graphitized casting iron (FCD-60), and the Bottom rail of the two sides has heating treatment (HRC-45 & ordm) that can assure good performance on Accuracy, wear-resisting, and tension-resisting
  • Regulator : If the air pressure is low, 8 kgf/cm2, it can still achieve the super strong clamping capacity of 9000 kg/cm2
  • The clamping capacity from 0~9000 kg/cm2 can be set freely and adjust via pressure regulator
  • Automatically seeking the highest source of air pressure: When the required pressure was set, it will not lose under low air pressure
  • Used for machine centers, drilling machines, special purpose machine
  • Suitable for mass production and to be used for milling machine
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