Vertex K Type Milling Vise With Base 112 mm


  1. Brand: Vertex
  2. SKU: VK-6
  3. Type: K-Type Milling Vise
  4. Jaw opening: 112 mm
  5. Jaw Width: 154 mm
  6. Base: With Base
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  • VERTEX make VK model K Type milling machine vise are the traditional machine vises with lead screw mechanical clamping system and high rigid single piece fixed jaw casting and delivering a clamping force of 900 kgf to 1400 kgf
  • VK model Vises are designed with detachable Right Angle Handle and swivel base along with the Vise
  • VK model Vises have a design feature of more contact area on the movable jaw and more surface contact in clamping area due to external lead screw mechanism
  • VK model has accuracy guarantee of 0.01/100mm parallel and 0.02/50mm perpendicularly
  • VK model has bending proof
  • Application: VK model Vises are selected according to the application on 3 major criterias
  • Jaw opening of Vise (As per workpiece maximum sizes)
  • Jaw width of Vise (As per workpiece size)
  • Machine spindle power (Recommended As per the below chart)
  • Vise For 1 HP spindle power VK-4,VK-5
  • Vise For 2 HP spindle power VK-5,VK-6
  • Vise For 3 HP spindle power VK-6
  • Vise For 5 HP spindle power VK-8
  • Vise jaw accuracy within 0.02mm
  • Excellent precision and a High quality finished Vise
  • Jaw plates were made of hardened and grounded tool steel
  • It is used for milling,grinding and drilling Vise requirements
  • Traditional Vises built for heavy duty machine and retained accuracy
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Brand Vertex
Jaw Opening (mm) 112
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