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Vertex Electrical Automatic Pump SMA Model

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  1. Lightweight and compact

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Brand Vertex
Frequency 30 - 60 hz
Capacity 2
  • The outstanding performances of SMA models belong to intermittent oil.
  • The operating rod is to use a spring to link on the injector.
  • A tank is tightly fixed on the injector as a round storage tank to prevent from Oil leaking.
  • Has smooth stickiness to the lubricating surface with proper oiling capacity.
  • No surplus oil will be leaked out to stain the surface of the bench.
  • No need to worry about the dirt amp.
  • impurities entered into the oiling port, so it's cleaner than other ways of lubrication.
  • Manual type pump. Use of a single pipe, so no need for a pipe return device.
  • Simple piping for the best effect.
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