St Jhons First Aid Kit - Amputation Care Kit


  1. Total No of Components: 35 Pcs
  2. Dimensions:24 ? 19 ? 9 cm
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  • An Unique kit is designed by St Johns First Aid Kid with the support of doctors and safety officers.
  • In general amputated body parts during the accident can be preserved and carry along with victim to the hospital with support of amputated First aid kit.
  • Its a first time in India we come with amputated care kit.
  • Kit Contains:

  • Pouch for Carry all Content ??1, Sterile Covers to carry Parts 5 Bags ??1, Tourniquet ??1, Pair of Gloves ??2, Sterile Gauze Swab 10cm ??5, Sterile Wound Dressing Small ??1, Sterile Wound Dressing Medium ??1, Small Scissor 7cm ??1, Forceps SS ??1, Microporous Tape 2.5x5m ??1, Instruction Sheet ??1, Sugar Sachet ??5, Salt Sachet ??5, ORS Sachet 2.4gms ??3, Wooden Splint ??2, Finger Splint ??1, Triangular Bandage ??2, Normal Saline 100ml ??1
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Brand St Jhons
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