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Vertex Vice - Hydraulic VMC Milling Machine Vise - VH


Vise (Technocart) - Select Jaw Width and Jaw Opening

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VERTEX Make VH model Hydraulic Machine Vise are the PATENT model of VERTEX designed with hydraulic clamping system and single piece fixed jaw. VH Vises are capable of delivering the clamping force of  2500 kgf to 7500 kgf.

Special features of VH Vise:

  • Vise (Technocart) - Adjustable pressure device
  • Suit for processing of brass,AL,plastic,steel
  • New design: lock proof system: Prevent wrong clamping force stucks the vises
  • Ruggedly constructed for milling,drilling, shaping,grinding and many other machine shop application. Sliding bed ways flame hardened and ground
  • Sliding bed ways flame hrdened and ground
  • Concealed spindle for protection against chips and drit
  • Hydraulic-booster systemfor maximum clamping pressure with minimum force
  • Accuracy within 0.02mm
  • Furnished with or without swivel base
  • Hydraulic-booster system is guaranteed for using 1 year limited
  • The hydraulic oil number is #68
  • For hydraulic- booster trouble shooting,please see manual.
  • Minimum order quantity: 3 sets for same height request

VH model Vises are selected according to the application on 3 major criterias

  1. Jaw opening of Vise (As per workpiece maximum sizes)
  2. Jaw width of Vise (As per workpiece size)
  3. Machine spindle power (Recommended As per  the below chart)   
    1. Hydraulic Vise for 3 HP spindle power -- VH-4
    2. Hydraulic Vise for 5 HP spindle power -- VH-5 VH-6
    3. Hydraulic Vise for 7 HP spindle power -- VH-8 VH-8L

Hydraulic Controller provide stable pressure,Hydro indexer for Vise clamping.

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