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Tecnomagnete - Magnetic Lifter 250 kgs Steel Plate

: Tecnomagnete

Tecnomagnete - MaxX 250 Magnetic Lifter

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  • Magnetic Lifters used for handling steel plates, blocks, rounds loading and unloading on machines.
  • Commonly used in flame cutting machine. 
  • It is used to handle finished components without leaving behind any scratch marks unlike binding and slinging.
  • Used in mobile cranes at facbrication and mechanical industries.


MaxX 250

A single operator can handle the load which is always anchored and lifted from the top without deformation or damage, making optimal use of the available work space, streamlining working process and improving safety conditions for men and equipment.


  • Manufactured as per European safety norm EN 13155.
  • Safety factor 1:3 @ 0.4 mm air gap.
  • Neutral Crown i.e no magnetic leakage to frame of the lifter. 
  • Nickel coated stator and rotor.
  • Lightest and compact lifters in the world. 
  • 5 years warentee.

Thickness of the load

As a general rule, the higher the force released by the magnet, the higher the thickness needed to concentrate 100% of the magnetic flux.

Type of the material

The Higher the concentration of carbon is, the lower the magnetic force is induced on the load.


All mentioned performances are granted up to 80 C° (176 F) on the load contact surface.

The activation and deactivation phases :

With a simple rotation of the lever, the lifter is activated and deactivated. During the MAG phase the lever is firmly blocked by a mechanical safety device, preventing any possible accidental deactivation.

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