Permanent Magnetic Lifter Magnets Plate Lifter (100kg) Vertex


  1. Zero electricity required.
  2. No Maintenance and Operating cost.
  3. No damage to the work piece being lifted.
  4. Very Compact.
  5. No damage to the work piece being lifted.
  6. Easily transportable.
  7. Reliable.
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  • Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used to lift steel plates, blocks, press moulds etc…
  • Load / unload in machines during handling operation.
  • It can hoist moving iron blocks and other magnetic material.
  • Permanent Magnetic Lifters are easy to operation and safe to handle and hence are widely used as lifting devices in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries.
  • Forged hook for high mechanical strength and durability.
  • Precision machined assembly block in single piece to enhance efficiency.
  • Fool proof locking system with an easy to use "on" and "off" lever.
  • 3 times rated capacity factor of safety to meet the safety standards as per international standards for under the hook devices.
  • Test certificate for safety factor from government approved third party.
  • These magnetic Lifters are ruggedly built.
  • High Lifting Capacity with respect to size & weight.
  • Works without Electrical Power.
  • Mechanical Switching by turning a lever with a lock.
  • System against switching off accidentally.
  • Available Models: PML's range of Lifting Devices range from 100kg to 3 ton lifting capacity.
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Type Magnetic Lifter
Brand Vertex
Capacity 100kg
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