Permanent Magnetic Lifter (1000mm) TELSHA


  1. Compact design.
  2. Strong magnetic pull.
  3. Work safety.
  4. Easy operated lever for ON-OFF.
  5. Spring loaded block at side for safety features.
  6. Suitable for flat and round jobs.
  7. No damage on job during operation.
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  • Magnetic Lifters used for handling steel plates, blocks, rounds loading and unloading on machines.
  • Commonly used in flame cutting machine.
  • It is used to handle finished components without leaving behind any scratch marks unlike binding and slinging.
  • Used in mobile cranes at fabrication and mechanical industries.
  • Used for lifting and handling of steel plates, heavy block and castings as well as heavy round or cylindrical parts .
  • The 1:3 safety factor of the recommended load to the test load ensures use at optimal working conditions even with substantial air gaps and surface conditions.
More Information
Type Magnetic Lifter
Brand Telsha
Capacity 1000kg
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