NT40 Boring Head Shank VBH VERTEX


  1. Brand: Vertex
  2. SKU: VBH-NT40
  3. Boaring range -dia (10mm -240mm)
  4. Spindle Type: NT40
  5. Draw bar thread - M12
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Special Price ₹4,684 Regular Price ₹5,510
  • 1 SCALE 0.01mm, 0.02mm per
  • Processing Range 10 - 240mm
  • Simple, extremely rigid construction, Finest materials and craftsmanship are employed to combine strength, flexibillity and accuracy in a tool of unique design
  • 2 vertical boring tool holes: one centered and one offset. One cross hole for greater versatility and capacity
  • Dependable adjustment far spread graduation for closer reading. Perfectly balanced for high speed operation
  • Precision ground & hardened shank are integrating with the head for routing and smoother operation
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Type Boring Head Shank
Brand Vertex
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