Nicon Drilling & Milling Machine Precision Vise with Swivel Base 150 mm


  1. ACCURACY CHART: Parallelism of bed of vice to base 0.02/100mm
  2. Prepredicular accuracy of fixed jaw to base 0.04 / 100 mm
  3. Parallelism of top surface of fixed jaw to base 0.02/100mm
  4. Flatness of base 0.03mm
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  • Mechanical vise with swivel base can be used in areas where operations like milling, drilling operations are based on certain angle. The swivel base with degree scale can be used to any angle according to centre point
  • Solidly and accurately made machine vices from graded casting
  • Screws are constructed with fine acme thread
  • Jaws are made of special steel properly hardened
  • The swivel base is graduated fully through 360o
  • By removing the swivel base the vice can be converted to fixed base
  • Alignment can be made simpler due to the presence of longitudinal slots provided in the base and body
  • Crank handle is made of all steel providing loaded mechanism providing positive grip
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Brand Nicon
Jaw Opening (mm) 150
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