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Medical Machineries

Medical Machineries,Welcare,CLARION P


CLARION P-Minimum Space.Maximum ClarityTECHNOLOGY:18MHz High Frequency Linear Probe.Quardplex.Curved Panoramic Imaging.Elastography.Super Needle.FEATURES:Ergonomical Design.15" LCD Display.Dual Probe Connectors.USB and DICOM 3.0
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,ST FM 70 Fetal Monitor

ST FM 70 Fetal Monitor

Fetal MonitorLight and compact design,simple to use front panel controls.7" TFT Color screen,folding 90 degree.Special high sensitive probe.The internal line thermal printer records FHR,TOCO.Rechargeable battery for 4 hours.A Standard patient event makers and a clinical event marking button to seperately mark clinical events.
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,ST 400P Syringe Pump

ST 400P Syringe Pump

Easy Operation.Safety and Reliability.Three Injection modes Fit in with Various brands of Syringes.With the double CPU application,the syringe pump operation data is more accurate and timely and the mutual data verification is more reliable.With two independent alarms,the syringe pump is used more safely and reliably.The alarm function is excellent
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,OPTIMA


OPTIMA-Multiple Beamforming TechnologyEntry Level B/W Machine with 12 inch LED Monitor,Easy of use,One Touch Quick Save,Light Weight.
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,SUPREMO P


SUPREMO P-Color DopplerSMART:Light Probe. Releases doctors from scanning fatigue.LIGHT:Smart function.The latest technologies:Compound imaging,i-ImageTM ,SRA,Provide Superb image.QUIET:Quiet probe.Vibration-free and Noise-free probe allows better care for mother and fetus.
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,ST DELUXE 70


Patient Monitor-Optimised for Adult,Pediatric and Neonatal.Applicable in all hospitals and clinics especially beneficial in emergency use. Large and bright numerical LED Display for SpO2 and NIBP parameter data.7” High resolution LCD Display for waveform, plethysmogram and other information.SpO2 trend curve display for last 12,24 or 96 hours.
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,ST 8000

ST 8000

Patient Monitor-Optimised for Adult,Pediatric and Neonatal.12.1” High resolution Color TFT/LED Screen.4-Channel waveform display with NIBP Group list.Monitoring standard parameters of ECG,SpO2,RESP,NIBP,TEMP,Pulse.Trend data analysis for 24/96/48 hours.Storage and Review 400 groups of data and 5 minute ECG waveform.Feasible to be used with cardiac peacemaker together.
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Medical Machineries,Welcare,ST DELUXE 120


Patient Monitor-Optimised for Adult,Pediatric and Neonatal.Five para monitor(ECG,SPO2,NIMP,TEMP,RESP)12 inch TFT High definition color monitor(170 degree view density).Display mode(Standard,Big Font,Trend,Oxy CRG,ECG 8 Waveform,NIBP Group list.Support Heart Pace Maker Analyser.Arrhythmia analysing mode.In build Lithium-ion Battery.Optional:ETCO2,Dual IBP,Nellcor SPO2,AGM
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