Bench Vise SG Iron Body Swivel Base 4 inch Unique


  1. Brand - Unique 
  2. Material - Steel body
  3. Size  - 4 inch
  4. Base: Swivel
  5. Code - U301 RS
Availability: In stock
Special Price ₹2,665 Regular Price ₹4,419
  • Bench vise can be used to clamping the jobs pieces
  • To perform operations like, Hand Filing, Hand Reamers, Hand Tap, Drilling Head, Sawing
  • Floating steel nut is provided
  • Jaws of special carbon steel properly heat treated grinded and serrated to ensure a fast non slip grip
  • Spindle screw is fine pitched made of alloy steel
  • Swivel base rotates 360 degree and can be fixed at any position
More Information
Brand Unique
Jaw Opening (mm) 102
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