Vertex Angle Fixed Milling Machine Vise Without Base 150 mm


  1. Brand: Vertex
  2. SKU: VA-6-1
  3. Type: Mechanical
  4. Jaw opening: 150 mm
  5. Jaw Width: 155 mm
  6. Base: Without Base
  7. Famous of Milling Machine Users
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Special Price ₹17,553

Regular Price ₹20,650
  • Jaw opening of Vise (As per workpiece maximum sizes)
  • Jaw width of Vise (As per workpiece size)
  • Machine spindle power (Recommended As per the below chart)
  • For 1 HP spindle power VA-4
  • For 2 HP spindle power VA-4, VA-5
  • For 3 HP spindle power VA-5, VA-6
  • For 5 HP spindle power VA-6,VA-8
  • The Vise lead screw are enclosed and hardened and ground
  • Highest clamping power of around 2500kgf ensures Vise regid clamping
  • It's very accurate and durable
  • This vise is so designed that the horizontal force generted by tightening the handle pushes the semisphere within the movable jaw and thus thrusts the movable jaw downward
  • The workpiece does not lift, even if it is held at the top of the jaw plates of the Vise
  • ACCURACY WITHIN 0.02mm between Vise jaws
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Brand Vertex
Jaw Opening (mm) 150
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